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Best leather Belts: Things that Every Belts Lover should Know

A belt is just not a thing that holds up the pants, but it also makes a clear statement about the style. Moreover, a belt can also dress up the whole outfit of a human. With the development of our living standards, different types of leather commodities gradually step into our daily life – the leather belt is one of them.

If you are planning to buy a belt, then a leather belt can be a great choice. But, you will face a variety of belts out there while going to buy it. Don’t worry, we can make this work easier for you. Here, we are about to discuss some tips that can help you to choose the best leather belts out of the market.

Different Types of Leather Belt

The different types of leather are delivered in the market in various ways that also point to their different qualities. There are more types of belts than we have listed here, but these are the foremost ones involved in the production of the best quality of the belts.

Bonded Belts: 

This belt is created by 100% original leather. The production of bonded belts includes waste scraps of rejected leather left over from another leather product. A little number of fibers are used here to cover the belt to give a better look. These costs are only a fraction of the cost that manufacturers make to create high-quality belts.

Genuine Belts: 

Genuine belts are also created by 100% leather. It also sometimes uses leftover leather portions. This belt consists of layer after layer of mediocre leather sewn or glued together.

The external coatings of this belt are coated with a top-grain leather surface. Its lower leather layers help to decrease the expense of this belt – make it more affordable than the other belts.

Full-Grain Belts: 

Full-Grain belts are the most chief quality of belts in today’s market. These belts are built by using the upper layer of the skin of animals. Sometimes, you might see some spots on the strips of this belt that were left on the animal’s skin.

No leftovers leather is used on the inside of this belt. As a result, it is the strongest belt than any other types of belts. The leather quality of this belt makes it more apt to showing marks, but in terms of strength, flexibility, durability, and lifespan, these belts can’t be beaten.

There is also another type of leather belt called a Synthetic leather belt. But, it’s exactly as it sounds – fake leather. Usually, these belts are built by using various types of fibers and polymers to provide the exact ‘feel’ of leather. But, these are not genuine leather and can’t be used in the long run.

How to Select the Best Quality Belt?

First of all, you will need to think, are you going to use it a few times a week? If it is, then an authentic leather belt can do the role just excellent. These are not as lasting as the full-grain leather belts, but these are more budget-friendly, as a result, it is more popular than others.

If you don’t use a belt frequently, then there is no need to use much money for a full-grain belt.

Apart from this, if you are looking for a belt for your daily use, then a full-grain belt can be your ultimate choice. However, you can choose a belt depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Parting Words

We hope this guide about the leather belts for men & women will help you to choose a long-lasting belt at an affordable rate.

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