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How to Transform Pallets of Merch Into a Successful Small Business

For years, liquidators have been able to pawn off “as is” merchandise to buyers, calling it the best value available in the marketplace. However, small businesses were misdirected with low-grade items and a narrow assortment of second tier or relatively unknown brands to stock their shelves. Now, pallets of power tools from places like Lowes liquidation can be converted into big bucks for a burgeoning small business.

Direct Liquidation is an online B2B liquidation auction site offering so much more for a buyer’s bid, including:

  • An incredible range of products your customers are looking for
  • The tier-1 brands you demand based on exclusive relationships with top national retailers/manufacturers
  • Daily availability of all grades of products so your inventory can stay fully stocked
  • Smaller loads so you can test customer demand without tying up all of your resources
  • Six convenient locations throughout the United States and Canada that allow you to quickly receive shipments
  • 90-day warranties on refurbished products to alleviate non-working issues

A different kind of liquidator

Founded in 2007, it took Direct Liquidation just seven years to expand their product offerings to include all retail categories. This is credited to a reverse logistics model that has led them to become an industry leader.

In a traditional logistics model, products are manufactured, distributed and sold to the end user. However, products come with their noticeable imperfections like dents and cracks. That imperfection leads to customer returns, end-of-life product, and/or overstock that didn’t sell due to seasonality or underperformance. This is where reverse logistics comes into play, where Direct Liquidation markets customer returns, end-of-life, overstock, and refurbished products.

Direct Liquidation relies on their in-house facilities for product refurbishment. Returned items are processed to ensure they operate according to the manufacturer’s original specifications. They are even kitted with new accessories, warrantied, and placed in retail-ready or brand new packaging, making them ready for resale.

Direct Liquidation’s mission remains to eliminate the middlemen, and provide buyers with a platform that connects them directly to inventory from top brands and national retailers like Lowe’s. This allows small businesses to get their hands on a top-named table saw, or Craftsman tools, and even easy access to truckloads of equipment that are ready to hit the shelves and available for your consumer.

Getting closer to the customer

Cutting out that middleman allows a small business on the rise to set aside more of their profit for operating expenses, and even added assistance to help out in day-to-day operations, including in customer interaction.

Bright Pattern is an enterprise B2B call center software provider that is a leader in call center CRM integration, or customer relationship management integration. Bright Pattern allows businesses and organizations to track the customer experience from beginning to end, ensuring all customer support through your contact center and business phone system are high quality.


Bright Pattern’s CRM system provides a business’ sales team easy access to full customer information, like caller phone numbers, interaction history, and even call recordings. A CRM system within a company’s health desk will have easy access to important information for seamless customer support. Bright Pattern also creates customizable journeys for each customer, boosting their satisfaction while streamlining workflow. It doesn’t matter the size of your business: CRM will deliver outbound call traffic, prioritize a company’s phone system for incoming calls, send SMS messages, and deliver exceptional customer service every time.

For any small business, creating an interface that allows for easier customer interaction is key. It is the early efforts to build repeat consumers that are long-lasting, and build a greater confidence in building your sales base.

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