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Dealing With Your Anxiety While Quarantining

Whether you’ve officially been diagnosed or are just experiencing an increased amount of worry due to the pandemic, anxiety is no joke. It’s particularly exacerbated when things are out of your control. With the looming question of when there will be a vaccine—so life can return to relative normalcy—it can be difficult to cope. Your usual support systems probably aren’t there to lift you up due to social distancing, so you’ll have to find other ways of dealing with anxiety for the time being. Here are a few ways you can keep your life feeling positive and moving forward.

Keeping it clean.

Now that your home is your office, your gym, your only restaurant, a daycare, and the place you also happen to live, it can be really difficult to keep it all clean. Psychology Today says that clutter can overstimulate your brain causing an increase in anxiety. It can also be distracting, making it difficult for you to accomplish everything you want to in the course of a day.

If you have animals living with you, things can even get messier. Their fur on the rug is enough to cause a full-blown anxiety attack. To prevent this from happening, make sure you designate a time every day to straighten up. Scheduling that time will keep you from worry about it all day.

In order to tackle the dust and pet hair, consider purchasing a robot vacuum to help you out. You can buy one from an online electronics retailer, like NewEgg. You’ll find competitive prices on all of the robot vacuums. They also have a detailed description of each product, so you can buy wisely and according to your dust and hair collection needs. It’s important to get help however you can during this time. Your robotic vacuum can provide some much needed technical support to get you through the pandemic and beyond.

Get some outside help.

Even if you’ve never seen a therapist before, a pandemic of this length and magnitude is uncharted territory for everyone. The feelings of isolation that are accompanied by quarantine can leave anyone lonely, even if you’re isolating with your favorite person in the world. Having someone to talk to and guide you through this time could be exactly what you need to reduce some of your anxiety.

Obviously, you can’t meet with a therapist in person, so that’s why places like Therapy Group of NYC are offering online therapy. They care about finding your personal fit with a therapist because studies have shown that a good therapist-patient bond is needed for the work you do together to be a success. The Therapy Group of NYC offers specialized data-driven treatment to get you feeling better than normal.

Eventually, the pandemic will end, and you may not need to see your therapist with nearly as much regularity or at all. If a situation ever arises where you do feel like you need continued guidance, Therapy Group of NYC cares about helping all of their former clients who need it. They will always be a continued resource for your mental wellness needs.

Find a little gratitude wherever you can.

With so much happening in the world, it can be difficult to feel gratitude. The Five Minute Journal was created to help you be a happier version of yourself. It only takes five minutes, but it can help you stay positive for the whole day. Right before bed, you get to reflect on what went well, and how you could make things even better. During quarantine, you have a lot to do, but taking five minutes a day can help you reduce your anxiety and have a more positive outlook overall.

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