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How to Make Your Home Feel High Tech

We’ve all seen the ‘homes of tomorrow’ featured in films, on TV and in other media and as such we all know roughly what we should expect from these fully automated technological marvels. These are homes that promise to handle all of our washing up for us, to set the temperature and the music exactly how we like it as soon as we enter the room, and to look perfectly spotless and sleek at all times.

But if you thought these homes were just a figment of science fiction writers’ imaginations then think again. These homes actually already exist out there, and there are plenty of people who already have homes just like them. Granted they’re mostly incredibly rich, but actually if you’re smart about the way you design your own home, then you can make your property quite similar to one of these homes of tomorrow with relatively little work or budget. Read on and we’ll look at how to go about doing just that…

The Right Design

You can actually start making your home feel a lot more high tech without needing to involve any technology even. That’s because the right design can go a huge way to making your property feel a lot more modern and look a lot more futuristic.

The first step is to keep your home minimal. Check out any vision of the future and minimalism always reigns supreme. That’s because we associate the future with efficiency, and minimalism is an expression of that efficiency. Just check out Tron for an example of a futuristic looking décor. Use lots of white and remove anything that’s unnecessary.

Keep it Clean

Minimalism unfortunately doesn’t really work unless you also keep your property highly clean. You’re going to have lots of white surfaces and empty spaces, so you really need to make sure that these aren’t filled with dirt and clutter. Design your home in such a way then as to make it easier for yourself to keep clean, and make sure to stay on top of your other duties and use services like <a href=””>pest control</a>. Who ever heard of a house of tomorrow with rats?

Replace Things With Digital Things

That’s a pretty vague heading granted… what is meant by this is replacing analogue objects with digital ones. For instance if you have a fish tank, consider switching to a virtual fish tank. Likewise you can accomplish something similar by replacing items with motorised versions. Motorised garage doors, motorised blinds… they all impress. People also love sensors and automated things – like automatic sprinklers or clap-on lights (yep, they couldn’t be more eighties, but they still feel futuristic!).

Buy a Few Futuristic Items

It only takes a few futuristic items to make a house feel like it’s straight out of a sci-fi film and if you invest in just a couple of high tech gizmos it won’t need to break the bank. These days for instance a robotic vacuum cleaner won’t break the bank but it feels very futuristic. The Xbox One meanwhile with its voice controlled interface can also feel pretty high tech, as can a Leap Motion attached to your PC so that you can control your computer just by pointing.


Everyone who has seen a science fiction film knows that the future is all about lighting. That’s blue LEDs to be precise and other ‘cooler’ types of lighting. You don’t need to be an engineering wizard to fit some LED lights into your drawers or along your bookshelf, but it can create a very cool high-tech and attractive impression. Think too about your other forms of lighting and anything that looks ‘technological’. Plasma globes are very affordable now but they aren’t any less impressive for it!

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