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3 Android Driving Applications That You Need To Have!

If you have long since fallen out of love with your driving and need something to get you back onside, why not take a closer look at your favourite Smartphone? Because we can all but guarantee that your Android device has more than a few four wheeled tricks up its sleeve. In fact we have found 3 rather slick efforts that will probably do the trick nicely. If you’ve had it with sky high fuel bills, terrible speed cameras and gridlocked traffic, please take a few minutes and read the rest of this short article, it could make your day a whole lot brighter!

iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite

Our first Android driving App is a real cool customer and once you download this beast, your chances of having an accident will diminish considerably. This works by using the Android Smartphone’s camera in a way that combines with the onboard GPS and sensors to let you know how close you are to the nearest cars whilst driving. You’ll get a neat audio warning whenever danger is nearby and this really does do the trick. Already winning awards left, right, and centre, iOnRoad is the application that all drivers need in their lives. You’ll be told off if you depart your lane and this has proven to be a great boon for those of us who may be a little drowsy behind the wheel. So grab this one before your next long distance commute and you’ll be arriving safe and sound all thanks to iOnRoad!

Gas Guru

These days, fuel prices are going nowhere but through the roof and this means we’re spending more than ever just to stay on the road. Gas Guru certainly feels your pain and has decided to come along for the ride. This application will allow you to find the nearest cheap gas and will even give you directions as well! Once you find a cheap station, you can label it and recommend it to fellow Gas Guru users. It’s all about a community who are tired of paying through the nose for the wet stuff. You’ll get the latest gas prices and can even se Gas Guru to find repair stations, coffee shops, and roadside assistance offers. We’re not saying that this application will really cure us from the gas price blues, but at least it is making the effort, and for that, we applaud Gas Guru!

Well, our final Android driving buddy is the one that you’ll need when it’s time to buy a new motor. Forget about eBay, this bad boy is all about cars and nothing else. You can find out the best prices in your area or perhaps you would prefer to do a nationwide search for that extra special set of wheels? Lovers of cargo trailers will be in their element here and we reckon you should give this very slick application your attention sooner rather than later!

4 Wheeled Heaven?

So there you have it, 3 cool Android driving applications that will be just the ticket!

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