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Top High Tech Features and Gadgets for Offices That Will Save You Time and Money

Technology is highly important in any business. A good piece of technology is what’s known as a ‘force multiplier’, meaning that it enables you to put a certain amount of work in and to see your results amplified. The perfect example might be a forklift truck: with one of those you can move many more palettes much more quickly than you possibly could in the same amount of time without one.

But investing in technology doesn’t just have to mean spending money on the gadgets and devices you will use directly to get work done. It can also mean spending money on the more innocuous items around your office or work premises that nevertheless contribute to your working day and can thus make things easier or more difficult.

Here we will look at some tech investments for around the office that can make a big difference…

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Most companies will spend quite a lot of money and time on cleaning their premises. And if you aren’t then you really should be as a dirty office not only gives a bad impression whenever you have visitors, but it also hampers the productivity of your staff and results in less work being completed. If you want to make your office more productive then you need to keep it clean and tidy then, and to save time and money doing this you may want to invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner. These will drive around the floor hoovering up any dropped crumbs or dead skin and will keep your office looking much newer and more impressive at all times.

Digital Whiteboard

A digital whiteboard can be a hugely useful tool when it comes to giving presentations or conducting meetings. This will give you a useful canvas you can use in order to illustrate points, to show graphs and charts and generally to help make your presentations more interesting and engaging while helping to communicate some abstract points.

Digital Lock

A digital lock is a lock that you can use in the place of a traditional lock and key. A will be able to install this for you, and from there you will then be able to control access to your building without having to worry about lost keys or about confiscating keys from your staff when they leave your employment. There are many advantages to a digital lock for a business and it can also impress visitors as it looks a lot more high tech than and lock and key.

Timeclock Software

These days cloud computing means that more and more employees are able to work away from their office and in a manner that suits them. Timeclock software allows your staff to ‘punch in’ and out to clock the amount of time they work. Digital timeclock software is also useful in the office because it enables you to more easily keep track of hours worked and to calculate pay accordingly.

Digital CCTV

CCTV is highly important for any business and will help you to keep your office more secure at all times. The best CCTV is wireless meaning you can stream footage to a phone or remote computer (useful for checking in when you’re away from the office). At the same time it should also have motion sensing technology so it only records when something is happening and it should store your files in high quality.

Sound System

A good sound system is a bonus for any office. Not only does this allow your employees to listen to music while they work (which is pleasant and can enhance productivity), but it also means you’ll be able to amplify your own voice easily when you need to address the room or when someone is giving a presentation.

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