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How to Create a Meditation Room in Your Home

The home is supposed to be a place we go to relax and unwind. At the end of a busy day this should be a safe haven where we can forget our troubles and unwind and where we can recharge our batteries.

Unfortunately though this is often not how our homes end up. Rather, many of us find our homes are places that simply pile on more stress and remind us of all the things we need to do. This happens because things become disorganised and untidy leaving us with lots of cleaning to do, and it happens because things invariably go wrong. Try relaxing when you have dirty washing all over the floor and the boiler won’t work…

For these reasons you often need to create a space within a space in order to really relax. In other words you need to create a room that is specifically designed for relaxing within your home. This can ensure that you always have at least one place where you can get away, and this in turn will have great effects on your health.

To that end then, let’s take a look at how you can create a relaxation room within your home that will give you a place where you can calm down and let your body and mind rejuvenate themselves.

The Basics

What this room should basically consist of is a minimalist design coupled with a comfortable place to sit and something nice to look at. Japanese Zen gardens are an example of a space designed for meditation, and here the layout and design is intended specifically to be minimalist and to avoid ‘distractions’ and clutter. Keeping this room as minimal in design as possible will also help you to avoid the space becoming cluttered or untidy. If there’s barely anything in here, then you can rest assured that it will never get badly cluttered and untidy.

Note that although you want a comfortable seat, you don’t want anything too comfortable. Head to a meditation room in a spa and you will often find the seats are made from stone. Why? Because this prevents you from going to sleep – thus enabling you to walk between wakefulness and sleep in the state known as ‘hypnagogia’. This will allow your brain to relax and unwind, and it’s actually a tool that many creative thinkers through history have used to come up with ideas and inspiration.

Added Touches

In terms of something to look at, the best option would be a well-maintained garden. Making your conservatory into your meditation room then is a good option and will help you to get natural light and the calming effect of a natural environment too. This is very useful too if you struggle with mobility, maybe rely on platform lifts for wheelchairs and can’t easily get outside as it ensures you can still enjoy the benefits of your garden.

You also need two other things: a pleasant warmth and some kind of relaxing music. Thus your meditation room should also feature a sound system of some sort that you can use to play calming tunes, and perhaps some kind of heater that you can use to provide an ‘oasis’ of warmth.

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