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How to Create a Home That Will Take Care of Itself

One of the biggest problems for homeowners is house wok. House work is a job that is never done, and even if you clean regularly you can still find that it piles up and makes your home look less inviting lot less relaxing. You’re thus left with two choices: tidy up perpetually and never sit down to enjoy all your hard work, or live in squalor and feel constantly on edge due to all the dishes piling up around you and washing on the floors. This is even worse if everyone in the house works full time, or if you have mobility issues and struggle to get around.

But while there’s no complete solution to these issues just yet, there are nevertheless a few things you can do to help. The solution is twofold: design your home in such a way that it will be less likely to get untidy in the first place, and introduce systems that can automate some of the work. Read on and we’ll look at some things you can do that will help to ensure your home stays tidier even without your constant intervention.

The Right Organisation

If you want to avoid your home becoming untidy then one thing you can do is to introduce some new organisation that will help to prevent it from getting cluttered in the first place. Your aim here is to make it quick and easy to put things in their homes and also to make it just as easy to retrieve the items you want.

For instance then you will find that it’s much easier to keep your home uncluttered if you introduce a paper tray into your home office. This way putting away papers is as easy as just dropping papers into a box and you can sort them out later. Similarly you can solve the clothes issue by having a basket for washing and a second basket for clothes that have been worn but are not yet ready for washing. Making sure you have plenty of storage space for clean clothes is also a good idea.

Finally a dishwasher can make a huge difference to your kitchen. Not only does it do a lot of your washing for you, but it also gives you somewhere to store your dirty plates and bowls while you wait.


The dishwasher is an example of a better system but it is also an example of automation in that it does the work for you. Similarly you can also automate a number of other tasks: vacuuming for instance can be handled by a robotic vacuum cleaner which is highly useful if you have mobility problems and can’t get around to vacuum yourself. You can even get robotic window cleaners and lawn mowers (also handy if you need a wheelchair accessible home and can’t get outside)!

Similarly you might find that a waste disposal unit in your sink will help you to dispose of peel and cuttings of food, and a steamer can save you from ironing. There are many other machines and gadgets you can get to do your work for you, so look into them and save yourself some work!

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