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 A Handful of Killer SEO Tips Your Website Needs Now!

Millions of small business owners are raking in the profits simply because they have a great understanding of how SEO works. But the bad news is that just as many of these entrepreneurs have no real clue about this vital ingredient and are simply wasting their time and efforts. This article will show you 5 very proven ways to reach your customers time and time again. The good news is that they are all fairly easy to setup and the results will not be far behind. SEO is all about using inbound marketing in a way that makes your blog or website irresistible to your potential client base. When they are searching for a similar type of business, you want yours to be at the front of the queue, and here is how to make that happen!

Google Keyword Tool

In order to make your site visible and appealing to Google, you need to have enough relevant keywords onboard. Forget about the old days of keyword stuffing, you need some relevant keywords that tick all the right boxes. If you are struggling to find out which ones to use, you can ask the Google Keyword Tool to help you out. Simply use your Google account and the Tool will help you to find the best terms. Type in the sort of search query that your customers will be using, and the Tool will then suggest the keywords you need – simple!

Social Content Sharing

Once your keywords are all in place, the next thing you should be doing is getting that content out where it matters – amongst your customers! Use your existing social profiles or create new ones and link these up to your website or blog. Keep sharing your better posts and add a few keywords into your social media updates whilst you are at it. As long as these are natural, Google will be happy!

Google Maps

If your business has a physical address, you should be leveraging the might of Google Maps to direct your customers accordingly. This will help when a potential customer types in a search query based on physical location requirements.

Relationship Building

Link building is still vital, but think about the way that Google looks at sharing and helpful SEO these days as well. Start guest posting on blogs that have a following who will appreciate your stuff, and look for social media profiles who will be happy to share all of your content. Send out emails to sites that you appreciate and they are more likely to help you spread the good word.

Google Analytics

By setting up a measuring device that allows you visibility of your site’s visitors and far more, you can begin to see what works and what is a waste of time. Simply install GA on your blog or brooks saddle website and you can send hours looking at figures that can really help your marketing efforts in the long run.

SEO Ready?

So there you have it, 5 ways to turn your site into a number one contender!

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