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5 Helpful Android Apps For Anyone Who Struggles With Money Every Month

There is a good chance you earn a nice income every month, but even if you’ve got lots of money coming in it doesn’t mean you’ll be left with anything before your next payday if you can’t get on top of your finances. It’s becoming a pain for a lot of people because it’s hard to enjoy life when you’re always struggling with money, so if you’re determined to finally take back control of your finances you should use some of these apps we’re going to speak about today.

Daily Money

Daily Money is a useful app for updating your daily expenses so you know where all those dollars from your wallet are disappearing to, but it’s also got a lot more features you can play around with. You can keep track of everything coming into your bank account as well as all your money that must go out every month, so you’ll be left with a budget you can stick to. When you know exactly how much you have to spend it’s easy to walk away when you see something nice at the store if you can’t afford it.

Droid Wallet

If you’re looking for a digital wallet to supplement your physical one Droid Wallet is the answer. Much like the last app we talked about you’ll know how much money you’re left with at the end of each month, not that you need to spend it because you could easily throw it into a savings account instead. You can create lots of new categories when you want to save up for something and you’ll know exactly how much is left to go, but because it’s separate from the rest of your money you won’t accidentally spend it.

Money Control

Everyone with a job will have a salary coming in every month and in a perfect world you’ll end up with money left over. Money Control will help to build your perfect world by letting you manage your salary effectively. It will also take into account things like credit card bills that must be paid every month so you have a real figure you can work with. Just like many of the other apps on offer you’ll also be able to add extra categories to the app to break everything down even further.

Expense Manager & Divider

This maybe shouldn’t be called a personal finance app for one simple reason. You will have the ability to share certain things with other people. It will come in handy if you’re married and each of you throw money into a particular account every month. Even if you’re going on holiday with your friend you can use the app to help you both save together. You will only be able to add a maximum of 10 people to each specific expense sheet, but that should be more than enough to get great value out of the app.

MoBill Budget & Reminder

What is the most difficult thing to stay in control of when it comes to managing your finances? Some people might say it’s the bills coming in because if they didn’t exist you wouldn’t need to plan everything down to the last detail, whereas other people will tell you it’s staying within a budget so their savings account doesn’t dwindle down to nothing. MoBill will help you deal with everything and you’ll feel like you’re standing on top of a vertical platform because you’ll have an overview of your money from high above.

Get out of the red

Don’t be one of those people who is always in debt because it will grind you down year after year. It’s finally time to make a positive change and now that you have apps to help you control everything you don’t have any excuses to become the master of your money, unless you’re happy to let it keep slipping away.

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