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5 Android Health And Fitness Apps That Will Help You Avoid Illness Or Injury

There is a reason why so many of us feel under the weather all the time and it’s because we don’t care enough about our health. At the moment you could even feel invincible, but as soon as something goes wrong you’ll realize you’re just as susceptible to illness or injury as the rest of us. We need to look for ways to stay healthier and because everyone is carrying a smartphone about with them these days it’s much easier thanks to the apps you can download, so let’s take a look at a few examples right now.


WebMD is one of the biggest health-related sites in the world and it’s full of amazing information and now you’ll be able to download the app version to use on your phone. There are definitely going to be times when you’re feeling under the weather and you might not want to visit the doctor, so by using the self-diagnosis tool you can try to figure out what is wrong with you based on your specific symptoms. That is probably the most popular feature, but there are a lot more where that came from.

Period Tracker

Guys won’t have any need for this app, but it’s a great way for women to track their cycles without even thinking about it. You only need to press one button as soon as your cycle begins. The app will take all your entries and it will be able to predict your menstrual cycle for around an average of 3 months and it will give you an indication of when you’re due your next one. It comes in handy when you’re trying to work out when you’re most fertile or if you want to track your change in mood.

I’m Expecting

Here is another great app for women except this time it will only apply to those who are already pregnant.  You won’t need to worry about what is happening inside your belly because the app will give you weekly updates letting you know how your baby is progressing. You will also be able to find out what symptoms are normal so you don’t get scared when you’re feeling a certain way. One big feature is the forum where you’ll be able to ask questions and read what other people are talking about.

My Tracks

Google has finally jumped into the fitness tracking market by providing you with an app that will give you all sorts of details whether you’re running or cycling. Your route, distance, and pace will obviously be covered, but the app will even be able to work out the elevation you’re working at. Another cool feature is the ability to sync the app will Google Drive so all your information will be stored safely in the cloud. It can also sync with various heart rate monitors if you’d like to track that too.

Lose It!

If someone wants to lose weight they will need to eat less food than they burn each day. It doesn’t matter if someone sits in a wheelchair all the time or if they run around non-stop, because at the end of the day if anyone exceeds their daily calorie limit they’re going to put on weight. Lose It! Will help you figure out how much you need to eat every day based on your activity levels then it will help you track everything you put in your mouth so you don’t exceed your limit.

Your life depends on it

None of the apps we’ve talked about are going to save your life (except maybe the first one), but fitness in general will have a huge impact on your life. The apps will definitely help you track different aspects of your health and fitness and they should give you the motivation you need to look after yourself properly. I hope a few of them sound interesting to you because they’re worth checking out.

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