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5 Android Financial Apps That Will Repair Your Unhealthy Relationship With Money

Too many people struggle to uggle their finances correctly every month, so I’ve given them a list of great apps that will help them put everything rigt.

Some things in life are easy for a lot of people, but managing their finances is obviously not one of them. I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised if I told you a huge percentage of the population struggles to get by every month because of their unhealthy relationship with money. Luckily you can patch up your relationship with money quite easily and we’re going to focus in on a few apps that will help you do it.

Easy Money

If you’re looking to come up with a great budget you’ll be able to stick to you can do so inside the Easy Money app. It will also inform you when bills are due and you’ll keep getting reminded if you don’t pay them so your charges don’t keep adding up. You can also track your expenses on a daily basis and they can be split up into separate categories so you have more control over everything. Snap a quick photo of all your bills and receipts so they’ll all be stored in the same place whenever you need to find one.


CoinKeeper has an amazing feature that lets you click on something with your finger and drag it to wherever it needs to go. It’s one of the coolest ways to manage your finances on a daily basis and it’s something I’m sure you’ll find in a lot more apps in the future. You can use it to set budgets and you can give them specific dates in case you don’t need to stick to a certain budget on a constant basis. Everything can also be kept safe because you’ll be able to export .csv files of all your important data.


Even though this app is very powerful and flexible it’s been designed so it’s easy to use. You will be able to track your income and expenses, but it will also allow you to track your bank accounts and stocks which means you won’t need to hunt around different places to find everything. When they were designing the app they based it on proper accounting principles, so it’s not just a regular basic financial app you’ll be able to find anywhere.


When you’re using any financial app the ultimate goal is obviously to let you know where you stand when it comes to money. This is exactly what MoneyWise will provide you with and it does it through an old school interface that works. It won’t look as fancy as some of the other apps we’ll talk about, but as long as you’re in control of your finances it doesn’t really matter. A cool feature you might like is the ability to compare certain sets of data against each other when you’re trying to work something out.

CWMoney Expense Track

This app might be very useful for people with certain disabilities because you’ll be able to use speech recognition software to enter all your numbers. It maybe won’t matter much to someone if they’re in a wheelchair, but people who can’t use their hands effectively to do lots of typing will love it. I suppose it will also come in handy for anyone who can’t be bothered to type too. You can track your expenses and your income and it will keep a detailed log of all your financial matters.

Are you one of them?

If you’re one of those people who struggle with their finances you need help and the apps we talked about are a great place to start. As soon as your terrible financial situation starts to change your life will improve for the better, so don’t forget to check out the apps before it’s too late.

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