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The Zen Of Gas Grill Cleaning: 5 Top Tips For A Sparkling Grill

Do you feel as though you spend more time cleaning your grill than actually cooking on it? Many people use the wrong cleaning methods and end up doing more harm than good. If you want a sparkling clean grill without the stress, here are the top five cleaning tips you can’t afford to be without.

  1. Clean The Inside Of The Lid While Its Still Warm
    Many people wait until their gas grill is completely cool until cleaning it. This gives the grease time to solidify and makes it far harder to remove. Tackling dried-on grease will take you far longer than wiping it off while the grill is still warm. While the lid is warm, but not hot, use a wet sponge or dishcloth to wipe the inside of the lid. You can also use a piece of crumpled up aluminum foil, as this will prevent carbon buildup inside the lid.
  2. Brush The Grill Bars Clean Whilst Still On The Grill
    Many people make the mistake of removing the grill bars. In fact, they take less time to clean if you leave them in place on the grill. Use a stainless steel grill brush to remove the grease, fat and debris from the grill bars in record time. Any loose material will simply fall down between the bars to the bottom of the grill.
  3. Brush The Flavorizer Bars
    Next, remove the grill bars and use the same stainless steel brush to clean the flavorizer bars that shield the burners. Many people waste their time trying to clean these bars with a sponge or cloth. In fact, the same brush you use to clean the grill bars will work well. Keeping these bars clean will help to eliminate flare-ups and keep the grill cleaner the next time you cook on it.
  4. Use A Plastic Putty Knife To Clean The Drip Tray
    Cleaning the drip tray takes people the most amount of time. A little-known secret is to use a plastic putty knife available from any hardware store. Trying to scrape off the grease and fat using a sponge or cloth will waste your time and leave you frustrated as the grease conceals so readily. Plastic putty knives will not attract dirt and will remain clean as you scrape. Scrape the drip tray clean and funnel the debris into the catch pan.
  5. Use A Disposable Catch Pan
    Some gas grills have permanent catch pans and people spend an age scraping them clean. In fact, using a disposable catch pan in the form or a foil take-out tray is a smart move. After cleaning the drip tray, simply dispose of the catch pan and replace with a new one. This is guaranteed to save you at least ten minutes.

Whether you go it alone or call a professional gas grill cleaning service, these five tips are sure to help you keep your gas grill gleaming and shiny. Please leave us a question or comment below if you have any great grill cleaning tips you’d like to share.

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