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The Top 5 Organic Pest Control Tips For Your Home

Bugs and critters can be a major hassle both inside and outside your home. Not everyone is happy using harsh chemicals to deal with their pest problem however. While insecticides are safe if used at the proper levels in a well ventilated home, many people are concerned by the potential impact that toxic chemicals could have on their health. Here are five ways to control bugs organically.

  1. Wine Can Draw Flies Away From Fruit
    The last place you want to see bugs is inside your home and especially not in your kitchen. Unfortunately, any fruit you store either in your pantry or on your countertops will become a magnet for bugs such as fruit flies. Red wine will help prevent your kitchen from becoming infested with bugs. Simply pour a small measure of wine into a glass and leave it next to your fruit bowl. This is a great organic way to keep the bugs away from your fruit.
  2. Let The Bugs Fly Away
    Some bugs will fall into the wine and drown but most will simply congregate on the edges of the glass to enjoy the aroma. Instead of killing the bugs, periodically cover the glass, take it outside and let the bugs fly away. Organic bug control involves doing small jobs quite often instead of having one blanket solution for all pests.
  3. Use Diatomaceous Earth
    This white powder is made from fossilized prehistoric organisms. It cuts into insects’ bodies, causing them to die of dehydration. It can be used indoors and outdoors for effective organic pest control. Simply sprinkle this powder in corners of your rooms and any areas where you want to get rid of pests. This works on most pests such as roaches, ants and spiders. If you are worried about the effect of Diatomaceous earth on your garden, it won’t harm earthworms but it is deadly to bees so bear this in mind if you have a bee hive!
  4. Bay Leaves
    Bay leaves can add a little spice to your food but bugs aren’t really too fond of the flavour. If you find that bugs always work their way into the food canisters in your pantry, try adding a few dried bay leaves. Bay leaves are known to repel pantry pests and bugs will disappear from your kitchen once you start using them.
  5. Green Pesticides
    Not all insecticides are toxic or harmful to human health. Some companies offering pest control in Brampton use environmentally friendly insecticides. These green pest control methods can effectively tackle bugs in your home without posing any danger to human health or the health of domestic pets such as cats and dogs. Many homeowners believe that toxic chemicals are necessary for the effective prevention of bugs but this isn’t so. There are many ways to rid your home of bugs without compromising your health. Ask friends or family members for referrals to find local firms in your area who can help you create a safe, bug-free living environment.

These five organic ways to tackle bugs should give you some starting points. Leave us a comment and let us know your favourite tips for organic pest control.

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