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The Top 5 Mother’s Day Spa Gifts To Buy Or DIY

Whether you prefer to buy or DIY, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat your mom and show her how much she means to you. Spa ideas never fail to impress, as there is no such thing as a bad spa! Here are five simple ideas you can buy or DIY.

1.No one likes to admit that their age is starting to catch up with them. An anti-aging facial is a great way to treat your mom. . Many spas offer anti-aging facials in the form of Microdermabrasion treatments. Most anti-aging facials use a Dermaroller® containing micro needles to increase blood flow to the skin. Known as ‘microhydrabrasion’, the process of rolling this needle-filled rolled helps skin rejuvenate itself and keep its elasticity by promoting the formation of collagen. A joint session is the perfect way for both mother and daughter to unwind, relax and maintain their youthful appearance.

2: A Facial Kit
If you prefer to DIY, why not purchase a facial kit or buy the products separately and create a gift basket? You can buy the roller from most health shops and pickup other essentials such as facial soaps, masks, sponges and even facial steamers. By cherry picking the exact fragrances and soaps you know your mom loves, you can put together the ultimate gift package for your mom to use anytime she wants.

3: Softening Body-Oil Treatment
Oil treatments containing sesame and argon oils can nourish hair and skin and leave your mom feeling like a million dollars. Many spas offer oil treatment packages and usually focus on the upper-body and face. If you think your mom would prefer a total body solution, try some Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil from Burt’s Bees. This makes the perfect DIY alternative to a spa as nourishes the entire body when added to bath water. Being natural and packed full of vitamin E, it’s guaranteed to tick all the boxes on your mom’s wish list.

4: Age-Defying Grape Manicure
Did you know that grapes are packed full of natural antioxidants? Many spas offer age-defying manicures that incorporate grapes to help eliminate dark spots on hands and rejuvenate the skin. Beauticians cut grapes and rub them over the customer’s hands, allowing the juries time to be absorbed by the skin.

Idea #5. Make A Spa In A Jar
If you’d rather DIY than buy, why not make a spa in a jar? You can use a washed, clean jar or buy a cute jar from any dollar store. Simply take a candy bar and wrap it in some pink corrugated card. Add a name label with some double-sided tape and a length of ribbon tied in a bow. Fill the base of the jar with balls of cotton wool. Add the candy bar and a selection of treats you know your mom loves such as a nail buffer, nail polish, lip balm, bubble bath and moisturizer. Add as many items as you can for an unforgettable mother’s day gift. Your mom will love receiving it and have a blast pulling all of the gifts out.

Whether you want to give your mom a facial or book her in at a spa in downtown Vancouver, these five ideas are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Let us know which idea you went with and leave us a comment below!

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