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How To Renovate A Concrete Floor In 5 Steps

Concrete is one of the best value flooring surfaces out there and ticks all the boxes for strength, aesthetics and appearance. The key to making the most of a concrete floor is the finishing method you choose. If your business premises have old concrete flooring, here are the five main steps you need to go through to renovate it.

  1. Professionally Repair Spall Areas
    The most serious damage that a concrete floor will exhibit is ‘spalling’. This is where unstable areas of concrete have broken away from the slab. This occurs due to corrosion, heavy weights or winter weather as water seeps into cracks and expands as it freezes. A professional concrete firm will remove the unstable concrete, treat the steel rebar with anti-corrosion agent and then patch the area.

    2. Crack Repair
    Cracks and control joints – the lines between slabs of poured concrete – can be repaired with sealant. Many companies produce concrete crack repair kits. These sealants are often touted as being tougher than actual concrete. Sealing major cracks will help renovate the concrete and prevent further moisture or weather-related damage.

  2. Pressure Washing And Sealant
    High pressure water with a degreasing agent can renovate old concrete. Commercial grade washers producing over 3,000 psi will easily remove stains and discoloration, effectively restoring the appearance of the surface. Washing should always be followed with a coat of concrete sealant. This penetrates the surface of the concrete and prevents the flooring from absorbing other stains and liquids.
  3. Concrete Grinding
    Firms offering structural concrete repairs use concrete grinding for most renovation projects. Concrete grinders use diamond abrasives to remove the surface of the concrete. This is an ideal way of restoring old concrete surfaces as stains and discoloration rarely penetrates more than a fraction of an inch into the surface. Grinding completely removes this top layer and removes the stain along with it.
  4. Concrete Finishing
    Once concrete has been ground flat and smooth, a range of finishing techniques can be incorporated. The three main ways are:
  5. Polishing And Staining
    Polishing is a great way to finish a concrete surface. Concrete stains can be used to transform the appearance of a concrete floor. Using white tape to mark off faux ‘grout lines’, the appearance of expensive stone can be accomplished using concrete stains.
  6. Painting
    Painting is a popular, low-cost option for concrete flooring. It is quick to implement and offers a non-slip surface on which people can operate safely.
  7. Overlay

Overlays are typically polymer-based and applied over freshly ground concrete. Overlays can resemble expensive stone such as granite or even marble for a fraction of the cost.

No two concrete renovation projects will be the same but following these five basic steps should get you quality results. If you have recently completed a resurfacing project, what do you think of our tips? Let us know which tips you found helpful. Leave us a question or comment below!

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