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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs If You Aren’t A Pest Control Officer

Bed bugs can cause huge problems for homeowners simply because they are so pervasive. Eggs can lay dormant for up to two years and even repeated treatments can fail to catch them all. Calling up a local pest control firm can leave you shell-shocked by the cost of the treatment. Here are five ways to get rid of bedbugs without racking up thousands of dollars in fees.

  1. Remove Mattresses, Pillows And Cushions From Your Home
    The reason why spray- and powdered-treatments often fail to stop bed bug infestations is simply that people aren’t thorough enough. Bugs breed at an astonishing rate and eggs can lay dormant in the tiniest of crevices. Yes, eggs can go everywhere including furniture, curtains and carpets but mattresses, pillows and cushions are the main breeding grounds. Removing these from your home is a labor- and time-intensive task but that is what it takes to do a thorough job. Ask friends or family members to help you.
  2. Use A Hot Water Extraction Cleaner
    All major vacuum manufacturers produce dual function wet/dry vacuum cleaners. You probably know these as ‘steam’ cleaners but in fact, they shoot heated cleaning solution into your carpet as you move the wand and simultaneously suck up the water along with the dirt. Alternatively, you can rent a commercial cleaner or hire a professional carpet-cleaning firm. Professionals usually have truck-mounted machines that produce hotter water and powerful suction. This gets the job done quicker but you can get comparable results with a portable cleaner if you put in the effort. Clean your carpets, curtains and any fabric furniture such as chairs or sofa with a steam cleaner. The heat will kill all bed bug eggs.
  3. Do A Thorough Job
    The biggest reason why pest control measures fail on bed bugs is that people rush the job. Hot water extraction takes a lot of time. Work on one small area at a time. Do two passes on the wet setting and then two on the dry setting to remove as much moisture as possible. You’ll need to ventilate your home thoroughly as leaving moisture in the carpet will produce mold and bacteria growth and leave your carpets in a worse state than before.
  4. Use Solar Power
    If weather permits, you can put your mattress, pillows and cushions into zip lock bags and leave them out in the hot sun. Black bags work best as they absorb the maximum amount of heat. This is a cheap way of ensuring that your items are bed bug free. In winter months or bad weather, pillows and cushions can be put on a heat cycle in a large dryer to achieve the same effect.
  5. Use Green Insecticide Sprays
    Once you have extraction-cleaned your carpets, there will inevitably be some areas you simply cannot reach such as the very corners of rooms. Many pest control companies in Brampton advocate the use of environmentally friendly insecticide sprays for homeowners who want to deal with bed bugs on their own. Unlike toxic sprays, there is no danger to human health if not all of the product is completely removed, as is common. Use the spray sparingly on your carpets, mattresses, pillows and cushions. Leave to dry and vacuum up the residue.

The five tips in this article should help any determined homeowner beat bed bugs for good. The main mistakes to avoid are leaving your carpets damp and leaving insecticide residue in your home. Be sure to avoid these mistakes to transform your home into a bug-free utopia.

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