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5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

It’s June and ‘winter’ is officially here in Australia. It may not get that cold but there are still some great energy savings to be made by homeowners who know where to look. Here are five simple tips for

1.Tune Up Your Air Conditioner
Whether you use your air conditioner or not during the cooler months, now is the time to invest in a full tune up. We all know how to clean air conditioner filters and wipe down the outside of the casing, but only a registered, trained technician can tune up both the indoor and outdoor units. Typically, tune-ups include deep cleaning, the repair of broken parts and topping off the refrigerant level. This can reduce your electricity bills but up to five percent during the summer months.

  1. Pay For A Blower Door Test
    Have you ever heard of one of these tests? Specialist energy companies attach a cover on your front door within which is a large fan. They turn the fan on to create pressure and determine where the air is leaking in your home. Air leaks in your home are responsible for up to ten percent of the cost of cooling your home in the summer. Cool air will readily seep through gaps and cracks. A blower door test can help you pinpoint which areas of your home require attention.
  2. Seal Gaps And Cracks
    Depending on the size of the individual gaps or cracks, you’ll want to seal them using caulk or expanding insulating foam. Both of these products are available from your local hardware store. The most likely areas for air loss are gaps in the frames of your windows and underneath your doors. Fit weather-stripping to your window frames and draught excluders to your doors to combat this. The air flowing through these gaps can add up to big energy losses. In a poorly sealed house, it can have the same the impact as leaving one window permanently open.
  3. Rejuvenate Your Timber Doors and Window Frames
    Unlike aluminum or uPVC, timber does require periodic maintenance to help keep your energy bills down. If you have timber doors and timber window frames, you should invest in basic maintenance according to the type of wood and the method of finishing. Cover the glass panes to prevent nicks and carefully sand down the frames before staining them or painting them, depending on their finish. This helps preserve the wood and reduce the formation of gaps or cracks.
  4. Invest In New Windows
    If you have older inefficient windows or you are tired of wrestling with screens and storm windows every year, now is the time to consider replacing them with energy efficient windows. Top manufactures of timber windows in Sydney produce quality wooden framed windows that can save you up to 30 percent off your monthly cooling costs during the summer months.

Weatherization during the cooler months of June and July can really pay off when the harsh summer months roll around again. Don’t forget that the Home Energy Saver Scheme offers free home visits to help you find ways to make your home more energy efficient.

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