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5 Ways To Beat Sky High Carpet Cleaning Prices

Think about how much it cost you to have your carpets professionally cleaned last time. Were you talked into purchasing services you didn’t think you needed? How did that make you feel? If you felt taken advantage of, the shocking truth about the world of professional carpet cleaning is that employees are paid on commission. The more services they convince you to buy, the more cash they make. Here are the top five tips for beating extortionate carpet cleaning prices. This article will change the way your clean your carpets forever.

  1. Ask For A Full Written Quote
    As a consumer, it’s hard to tell which carpet cleaning firms will do a good honest job, and which will take you for a ride. Cowboy cleaners will low-ball the quote and then mercilessly try to tack on outrageously expensive ‘additional’ services. A genuine firm may have a higher initial price but they will do a better job and may prove cheaper overall. Protect yourself from unreliable operators and ask for a full written quote detailing the exact services and the full cost upfront.
  2. Hire An Insured Firm
    Hot water extraction cleaning is the gold-standard method of carpet cleaning. However, there is a world of difference between a portable wet vacuum cleaner and a professional truck-mounted machine. Uninsured firms will likely send out untrained staff with these portable machines. You get what you pay for and the results can be shockingly bad. Portable equipment may leave your carpets damp and susceptible to mold. Always hire an insured firm with proper equipment that gets results.
  3. Check References
    Most carpet cleaning firms post written testimonials on their websites. Don’t believe everything you read. If a firm tells you they can supply references in your area, actually call them up to check. Genuine firms will have happy loyal customers willing to provide this service. On this subject, even customer review sites such as ‘Angie’s List’ have conflicts of interest. For example, if you pay a fee to join a site and read other customers’ experiences of carpet cleaning firms, why is the same site charging the cleaning firms for advertising revenue? This is a murky area so it pays to check real references from genuine customers in your area.
  4. Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Up-sold
    Have a clear idea in your mind about what you expect from a professional carpet cleaning firm before you pick up the phone and ask for a quote. Do you have stains that need to be removed? Is your carpet moldy? Is your carpet just very dirty? Some firms will try to raise the price when they arrive with services you may not need.
  5. Check The Guarantee
    The final tip for saving money is checking the guarantee before you agree to the cleaning work. Every carpet firm says they have a guarantee but few firms actually back this up. Ask to see the guarantee and see what it covers.

These five tips should revolutionize the way you get your carpets cleaned. Anyone can save hundreds of dollars on professional cleaning fees simply by knowing what to look out for. Let us know your tips for saving money in the comments below!

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