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Red Nose Day: 5 Ways to Raise Money at Your School

In Australia, Red Nose Day is held annually on the last Friday in June. All funds raised help provide services and programs to the Australian community via SIDS and Kids. The money will help save the lives of babies, support bereaved families and raise awareness for the need to support research and educate people about need and suffering in Australia. Almost all schools join in, so here the top five ways to raise money at your school this year.

  1. Sell Red Nose Day Products
    The official website has dozens of products you can order and sell. The most popular products are of course the PU foam red noses. These are sold in bags of five for $15. Most schools bulk-purchase these noses and sell them to students or ask the students to sell them. A portion of the purchase price goes directly to SIDS and Kids.
  2. Cash for Noses
    Some schools simply ask for a small donation from each kid, in exchange for being able to wear the red nose at school all day. As the sum involved is very small, many schools find this to be a great way of raising a serious amount of money that they can then donate.
  3. Sponsored Tasks
    Sponsorship is a reliable way of generating donations. Students and staff can ask friends and family members to sponsor them. It can be something serious such as a sponsored run or swim, or something daft and silly such as hopping all day.
  4. Run a Colouring Competition
    The official Red Nose sponsors run an official colouring competition that all schools are welcome to join. While this is a great way to raise awareness and potentially find budding artists in the school, it does not generate any cash for donations. Some schools run their own colouring competition and charge students a small donation for entering.
  5. Hold an Event
    Holding an event is the main way that schools raise money on Red Nose Day. Most schools ask students and parents to organize booths and sell game tickets, food or drinks to raise money. A great money-spinner is to look into ride hire in Melbourne and book a range of carnival rides. These include bouncy castles, dodgems and spinning teacups for young kids and climbing walls, spinning hurricane rides and spinning wheel rides for older kids. The rental cost can be covered through pre-selling tickets and some hire companies even offer to return a percentage of the takings back to the school if quotas are met.

These five ways to raise donations at school should give you a good starting point. The key to success is making the day fun and ensuring that as many people as possible get involved. Red Nose Day should be a fun and inclusive day for the whole school. If you have already planned your event this year, what do you think of our ideas? Let us know your best ideas and leave us a comment below!

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