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How To Market Your Own Jewellery Business In 5 Easy Steps

If you are lucky and talented enough to design and make your own jewellery, how is the selling side of it working out for you so far? Because marketing can be a tricky little devil to fathom out, and without it, you may as well be giving your great products away. This is why so many small businesses are prone to failure from the outset. You have to remember that there are hundreds of similar businesses that are selling something not too different to your own items. And in order to beat them to the punch, you need to ensure that it is your jewellery that comes to the attention of your potential customers, way before their products see the light of day. So if you are currently struggling with the sales side of things, please spend a few minutes to read the rest of this short article, it may help you to get on that first rung of the ladder sooner than you thought was possible.

Be Generous

Hey, everybody loves something for nothing so why not offer your existing and potential clients with some freebies? You can make this a proactive slice of charity by setting up a competition that offers a free piece of your jewellery to the individual who shares your post with the most people. Or the person who forwards your promotional email to the most recipients, perhaps? This will increase the excitement that exists around your cool brand and will also build up some decent traffic simultaneously.

Get Sponsoring

Try and organise a local event and sponsor the whole thing yourself, or maybe do a joint venture with another business or organisation. Just remember to choose one who does not deal in jewellery and you’ll both be fine! You can use your email contacts to spread the good word and if you donate profits to a decent charity, even better! It is all about generating publicity and they don’t come any more worthy than a recognisable charity.

Socializing Online

Okay, this can be time consuming, but if you focus on one or two sites that you already have a presence on, then you should be fine. Think about using the ones that are accessible to your target audience and start narrowing down. Set up a Facebook fan page and use Twitter to generate some real excitement. Or you can try some of the smaller ones if you really want to attract a niche market.

Video Magic

2014 is definitely the age of video content, so why not jump on the band wagon and add some visual bling to your strategy? Jewels are gorgeous and what better way to show off your collection of awesome gold plated rings than with a well thought out video clip?


Make the most of your email lists and send out a regular E-letter to customers old and new. This is a proven way to reignite old connections and you may be surprised at how positive the reactions really are.

Ready To Knock ‘em Dead?

We can all but guarantee that these tips will have them eating out of your hand!

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