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How To Choose The Perfect Hot Tub

Modern hot tubs offer peace and tranquility in the convenience of your own home. With so many makes and models to choose from, the decision can be tough. It can be difficult to decide which features you need and what factors to include in your buying decision. Here are five tips that should help you choose the perfect hot tub.

  1. Compare Apples With Apples
    If you think your local spa showroom has inflated the price of their $7,500 seven-foot spa and that you can pick up a cheaper one online or at a big box store, take a closer look. Just because you saw a similar spa with stereo and LED lights for $4,500, doesn’t mean that the quality is the same. Cheaper spas likely have cheaper lights, cheaper stereos, cheaper components, smaller jets, less insulation and so on. You want your spa to last a long time, so it is important that you know all the ways that manufacturers cut corners with cheaper models.2. Try Before You BuyThe size of spa you buy is honestly down to personal preference. You want to get into a spa, wet or dry, and see which size is most comfortable for you. There is no substitute for being able to change into your bathing suit and try out a spa for real. You want to make sure that the water comes up to comfortable height.
  2. Prioritize Price Point Over Brand
    Due to strict legislation by the Canadian government over energy efficiency standards, it’s almost impossible to buy a bad spa in Canada. Hot Tub Star has an interesting piece on how the Canadian Standards Agency (CSA) has cracked down on manufacturers and dealers making misleading claims about spas. All spa manufacturers are good, as they all need approval to sell their products in Canada. It is almost impossible to buy a dangerous or energy inefficient spa. Therefore, the biggest indicator of quality is the price point.
  3. Understand The Difference Between Used And Pre-Owned Spas
    Due to the economy, the average price of a spa sold in Canada has fallen from $5,800 to $4,600 and the average size has dropped from 7-8 foot spas right down to 6 feet. This isn’t because people like smaller spas, it’s simply to get the price point down and obviously reduce the running costs. One way to get a large spa for less is to buy certified pre-owned. Not to be confused with ‘used’ spas, pre-owned spas have warranties whereas used spas do not. Certified pre-owned hot tubs are where a spa dealer buys a used spa from someone’s backyard and turns it into a pre-owned tub. The dealer puts the spa through a multipoint inspection process, strips it down, sanitizes it, replaces the heater and jets and repaints or replaces the cabinet. By the time these tubs hit the showroom floor, they look brand new.
  4. Factory-Direct Dealers Have Showrooms Too
    Many people have this misconception that the cheapest way to buy a new spa is to buy factory-direct and that they deals are found online or through a catalogue. In fact, most factories have their own showrooms with hot tubs for sale. Don’t be brainwashed into thinking you can’t get a great deal without trying the spa first. You should always test a spa out before you part with your money.

Good luck with your purchase of a spa in Canada. Hopefully these five tips will help you make a great decision and choose a spa that’s right for you as well as your budget. Let us know which tips helped you out in the comments below!


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