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5 Ways To Make Sure You Get The Best Price For Your Gold

If you have recently decided to part with some or all of your gold, how do you know that you are getting the best possible price for your goodies? You see, the price of this valuable commodity has shot up in the last 10 years or so and it appears that everybody wants a slice of the action. But when there is so much interest in something like gold, you also need to be aware of the scammers out there who are just waiting for you to stumble into their lair. Well the good news is that we have found some pretty slick tips that should have you getting the best price possible for your bling without any risk of being ripped off along the way. You should always exercise some common sense and if something doesn’t seem right, you should probably jog on and look elsewhere. Just remember that it is usually a seller’s market and you can afford to be choosy when you decide exactly where to sell your wares.

Weight Matters

You need to really understand the scales before you try and get a good price for your gold, this is crucial to obtaining a great deal. The weight will help to decide on the value of your bling, but remember that different jewellers may use a variety of weighing measurements. The Troy ounce is the standard one and this comes in at 31.1 grams per ounce. But some dealers may choose the pennyweight system to measure your gold, so be aware. This is the same as 1.555 grams. Some of these sly individuals will weigh your gold by the pennyweight, but pay you by the gram, so be awake and alert when this starts to go down, or you will be losing out big time!

Karats Matter

Pure gold is lovely to look at but practically too soft to use in any serious situation, even jewellery needs to be tough! Each Karat equals 1/24th of pure gold and you need to understand how much your own configuration is worth on the gold market. If it is less than 10 Karats, it is illegal to be labelled as gold jewellery.

Separate the Good Stuff

Remember to have your various Karat gold weighed separately when the dealer is pricing up your bling. They will try to give you as little as possible and this is one method that fools thousands of honest gold sellers.

Know Your Value

Okay, the whole point of taking your gold to the dealer is probably to understand its worth, but you should also have a good idea before you visit them. Check-up the latest process online and have a rough idea before they make you an offer that you can’t refuse.

Know Your Seller

When you have decided to sell your lovely gold plated chains, ensure that your buyer is both licensed and credible, because otherwise you could be very disappointed shortly after the transaction.

And Go Sell!

Hey! Here are 5 cool tips that will enable you to get the most buck for your bling, so get out there and make a killing!

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