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5 Safety Tips For Renovating Your Swimming Pool

Is your pool looking tired and outdated? Maybe you have an idea in your head as to how your pool should look. Turning your dreams into reality requires careful planning. You should take precautions to stay safe. Here are the top five safety tips for remodeling your pool. These will help you renovate your pool without being injured or endangering the lives of other.

  1. Resurface Cracked Or Damaged Surfaces
    If there are cracks in the concrete or paving surrounding your pool, these can pose a major safety concern. Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home and the pool doesn’t quite match your expectations. Cracks do more than just look unsightly. They can contribute to accidents such as trips and falls. As all pools in Australia are legally obliged to have pool fencing, you need to repair the surfacing around your pool to ensure that people do not fall onto the ground or the fencing. Popular surfacing solutions include overlays and liquid limestone, a type of concrete containing crushed limestone.
  2. Add A Baja Shelf
    If you love the feel of the beach, you can remodel your pool by adding a baja shelf. Creating a large shallow area is the perfect way to relax and lounge in the pool water. A great benefit of this pool feature is that it makes the pool safer by reducing the chances of accidents occurring as people enter and leave the pool. Families with young children love this idea.
  3. Refinish Your Pool Fencing
    Over time, both wooden and metal pool fencing can start to deteriorate. This poses a safety hazard to pool users. For instance, old wooden can cause splinters when people grab onto the fencing for support. Corroded metal fencing can cause minor cuts as the paint starts to flake and peel off. Refinishing your fencing, or replacing it completely, is a great way to make your pool safer and help the renovation run smoothly.
  4. Add Non-Slip Surfaces
    A key area for accidents to occur is the perimeter flooring around pools. Adding a non-slip surface is a great way of helping pool users stay safe. Some materials can become slippery when wet and cause people for fall and injure themselves. Adding a non-slip surface is a great way to make your pool safer. Many professional cleaning firms will apply non-slip coatings to existing stone, tiled or concrete areas.
  5. Hire Temporary Fencing
    When renovating around your pool, you may need to remove the pool fencing. Unfortunately, you can’t look after the pool around the clock and your renovation may stretch out for several months. If you have drained the pool, animals or small kids may wander near an empty pool and possibly fall in. It’s best to hire temporary fencing to put around your pool during the renovation projects. This prevents accidents and ensures that your renovation goes smoothly.

These five tips should help any pool renovation project go smoothly. Let us know your best safety tips in the comments below!

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