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5 Essential Safety Tips For Outdoor Public Event Organizers

Are you responsible for organizing an outdoor event? Whether you are planning a sporting event, a school fete or even a party, it is necessary to comply with strict Australian health and safety policies. To help with the planning process, here are five essential safety tips for organising your outdoor event successfully.

  1. Conduct Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
    Part of your pre-event planning should be to form an event organizing committee. The purpose of this committee is to produce briefings about the event and discuss administrative issues. The most important safety task is to conduct a hazard analysis and risk assessment of the proposed site. This task gives you an overview of all the dangerous areas, features or aspects of the site.
  2. Create A Site Plan
    A site plan helps the organising committee to check that the event has the correct permits. Once you know the location, area and features of the event, you can look at occupational health, safety and welfare issues for people working at the event. An event on a school sport’s field or local athletics club may utilize existing workers, for instance. Your site plan can include information about fees, insurance, communications and ticketing.
  3. Prioritise Signage
    An important aspect of organizing a successful outdoor public event is using signs and advertisements to guide, direct and inform people. You may promote certain health messages, direct people to amenities or simply guide visitors towards key areas such as bathrooms and car parks.
  4. Create Sanitary Conditions
    According to the Government of South Australia Department of Health, health conditions at a public event must be strictly controlled and monitored. Visitors must have clean, unobstructed access to bathrooms and areas where they can keep clean. Most outdoor event organizers choose to hire portable toilets even if the venue has permanent bathroom facilities. Portable toilets help reduce queuing times for people needing bathroom access. The position of the toilets is also an important consideration as they can be located in discreet and convenient areas of the event.
  5. Hire Temporary Fences
    Temporary fencing is essential for many outdoor events where hazardous conditions exist nearby proposed events. Companies offering temporary fence sales provide the most cost effective solution. They can supply a whole range of mesh fencing with bases directly to the location. Fences can be used to cordon off certain areas, keep people away from dangerous items or locations and also to serve as a warning. As fences are mesh, signs can easily be attached. Most event organizers choose to display directional or warning signs on temporary fences to help keep visitors safe and informed during the event. Temporary fencing easily slots into heavy duty bases and can be positioned to fit any situation. Fencing can also be used to prevent people gatecrashing the event so it keeps legitimate visitors safe and secure.

These five essential safety tips should help you run a successful outdoor public event. If you have recently organized an event, what advice would you give? What were the most important safety aspects of your event? Let us know and leave us a comment below!

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